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Discover Pictograde

Remember all those grades? Moments of tears or laughter, spying on classmates to check if they did better or worse. Well, it is now your turn to become a grader. What do you like? What do you hate? What is your favorite brand? Why?

Take a pic / grade & share it

Pictograde is all about you. Take a picture, grade it, share it. Have fun. Describe, recommend, get new ideas, grade with your friends. Join the community of graders. We’re all special.

1. Take a picture

With your camera, from your library, pick a filter and edit, easy as 1-2-3.

2. Grade it!

From 0 to 10, you can grade everything you want. Want to go further? Use the advanced grading and add three grades of your choice.

3. Don't flip the coin. Grade and regrade.

Add your comment, don’t forget your #! Share your grades with friends. They can regrade your posts and you can do the same. Collect relevant opinions before buying. Make the right decision.

4. Create your communities

Pictograde is the first photo grading app to share product and service recommendations. It has never been so easy to share and find peer reviews.

5. Discover new products

Get feedback about anything you like. Share, search and discover new products and services via interest, product category or user profile.

6. A brand new world

Grade your favorite brands in a simple or an advanced way. We want brands to get your feedback about their events, their products or their services.

"With Pictograde, I can grade and share my lifestyle favorites and I can also discover new trends. Being part of a shopping community helps me buy more wisely".

— Patti — Designer & influencer